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Как Front Pictures создавали и проецировали 3D графику на гигантский череп Макса Барских

Ukrainian pop singer, Max Barskih, performed ‘Tumani’ (Fogs) in concert for a huge sell out audience at Kyiv Palace of Sports on October 27, 2017. This show marked a milestone in both the artist’s career and the history of Ukrainian show-business. An eye-catching ‘live’ 6.5-meter (21ft) skull was used as an unmissable prop on stage.
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Space 360 – Spherical Projection Theater by Front Pictures (текст на англ.)

The Gwangju National Science Museum and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. chose Front Pictures to deliver a projection system to South Korea’s first spherical projection theater – Space 360. As a part of its corporate social responsibility, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. decided to donate a unique full sphere theater Space 360 to one of the national science museums in Korea – the Lucerium museum in Gwangju.