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Case Studies

Front Pictures brings 6.5m skull to life at Max Barskih concert

Ukrainian pop singer, Max Barskih, performed ‘Tumani’ (Fogs) in concert for a huge sell out audience at Kyiv Palace of Sports on October 27, 2017. This show marked a milestone in both the artist’s career and the history of Ukrainian show-business. An eye-catching ‘live’ 6.5-meter (21ft) skull was used as an unmissable prop on stage. The amount of lighting equipment was record-breaking for a solo performance of any Ukrainian artist. Front Pictures was in charge of the video engineering, skull prop design and projection mapping. Though Front Pictures has a vast amount of international exposure, with many successful projects in its portfolio, this one was indeed quite unique. The idea of having a giant transformable skull on stage that served as a projection mapping surface fascinated us. It was not just unique, but also technically and creatively extremely challenging. Idea – Client Brief At the initial project meeting, when Alan Badoev told us about his idea of skull mapping, we demonstrated experiments with projections onto a small plaster skull created by our interaction designer Andrey Yamkovoy back in 2011. Alan liked the demo but asked to extend the projection area to cover not just the front but the sides and top of the skull prop as well. This would allow the audience located to the sides of the stage to enjoy the show regardless of where they were sitting. He also told us that he planned to make some parts of the skull movable. For example, he wanted the frontal part of the skull to open and reveal the artist at the beginning of the show. In other words, the skull was supposed to work as a multi-level, transformable stage structure. Alan also shared his vision for the content. Our task was to create much more than an ordinary stage…
Case Studies

Space 360 – Spherical Projection Theater by Front Pictures

The Gwangju National Science Museum and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. chose Front Pictures to deliver a projection system to South Korea’s first spherical projection theater – Space 360. As a part of its corporate social responsibility, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. decided to donate a unique full sphere theater Space 360 to one of the national science museums in Korea – the Lucerium museum in Gwangju.

Multimedia Renaissance by Front Pictures

When the opening of the new "Art Mall" shopping center was planned in Kiev, we were invited to participate as a studio of innovative technologies. The concept of the mall involves an art installation as the central content for the shopping space. Read more